18:40 20:40

Cyn good cop bad cop roedd Das Wunden, Rowley a Morgan gyda Robert Merdzo, cyfansoddwr a gwneuthurwr swn Slofeniad…

18:40 20:40 – Canolfan Celfyddydau Chapter, Caerdydd 1993 https://vimeo.com/297925329

1840 review

10 years later good cop bad cop planned a tenth anniversary remics:

Experimentica 2003 proposal

Good Cop Bad Cop present

18:40 20:40 – the 10th anniversary remix

Fantastic venue – very under-rated. Fantastic Arts Cinema and truly amazing theatre – Brith Gof, Das Wunden, Annie Sprinkle, Ron Athey. Visiting Chapter should be worked into your daily schedule.

Hywel Edwards from London”* (1)

15th July 1993: Das Wunden made their performance debut at Chapter Arts Centre; – an experimental physical performance based on William Burroughs unrealised screenplay “The Last Words of Dutch Schultz”.

Chapter programme copy read, “Using unreliable memory and fractured logic from a life of violence, 18:40 20:40 is the victims’ inquest into his own demise, one in which truth is less important than coherence”

Ten years on, Good Cop Bad Cop – Rowley and Morgan from Das Wunden, and Jeff from photographers Klanger & Boink who took the ‘original’ publicity photos – reopen the case, using techniques unavailable ten years ago.

The 10th anniversary remix is part archaeology, part autopsy, part history, part re-creation. An examination of the original performance, a performance about performance, a performance about the conditions in which performance is made, endures and/or fades.

Working from original performance texts and notes, artefacts and recollections, combined with contemporary documentation, GCBC’s “unreliable memory and fractured logic” will be applied not only to the original performance itself, but also to cultural politics, academia and economics.

This time coherence is less important than truth.

“It was never our intention to entertain anybody.” Richard Morgan 1993

Varese then spoke, saying among other things that an artist was never ahead of his time, but most people were behind it…” Quoted in T. Holmes, Electronic & Experimental Music, Routledge 2002 p 134

Good Cop Bad Cop, Risca, Cymru July 2003

* apart from an historical note in the Theatre in Wales website company histories, this is the only web reference to the company uncovered by Google. (2) http://www.itchycardiff.co.uk/venues/41.html

Technical Requirements

The 10th anniversary remix is designed to be performed in Chapter theatre, as a black box with seats out. It will take one day to get in and set up – if we were to perform on the first night then would it be possible to have an extra day before that? – Just a thought, you know we are flexible! As for gear, flexibility is again the key – it would be great to have several (2 or 3) monitors, and two video projectors to present footage of the original performance.

If it were at all possible, we would like to have the same lighting set up as used for the original show. The main element of this was three rows of standard light bulbs hanging over the performance space. I know the ones Trevor made up were still hanging around in the tech store a couple of years back. If they can’t be found (I can come and have a look round) then we’ll do something else. After all, this is a work of bricolage and dredging.

(1) This highlighting of Hywel’s name was done automatically on importing from Word. In the original it is the same size as the quote, and italicised.

(2) in 2003