untitled-168llun © Noel Dacey

the real work starts next week, when we get into a room in Wales Millennium Centre, with Wendy Houstoun and a…er flip, er, er, flipchart isn’t it? but it doesn’t make sense. It’s blank paper, there is no chart drawn on it is there? You could draw anything you like on it. Charting progress, or at least process, i suppose. Funny language, English. Much as I would have preferred it not to be the case for me, It is my first language, and the one that I usually think in and as this experimental website is mainly going to be things coming straight out of thoughts and onto the virtual page it is highly probable that most of it will be in the English.

I digress. Or do I? For those of you familiar with the work / working process of gcbc you will probably be aware that it can be quite discursive / digressive / amleiriog / digresiynol / etc / ayb – note, translations may or may not be accurate – in either direction, its what comes of typing in the English whist listening to Radio Cymru – a real digression would be abandoning this page and going off to read this that has just popped up via email – http://www.palgrave.com/gp/campaigns/thinking-performance/maoilearca-blog. That can wait

So the real work starts next week, and the real work also starts now. This is an embryonic idea. Hopefully by the end of this two month ACW R&D period the presence, and subsequent disappearance, of this Website will make sense in relation to the overall project…