Curriculum Vitae

Name Richard Huw Morgan

Address 174-175 Broadway


Rhondda Cynon Taf

CF37 1BH

Telephone +447444873719


Nationality Cymraeg

Date of Birth 12th March 1964

Education 1985 – 1987

MSc (Econ) Media Studies

Centre for Journalism Studies

University College Cardiff

1982 – 1985

BSc (Econ) Philosophy & Psychology Joint Hons 2:1

University College Swansea

Richard Huw Morgan has been a professional artist since 1990. In 2014 he completed two major projects in collaboration with his regular work partner John Rowley. The first was an ACW production funded project, “Pitch to the power of 3”, which saw the commissioning of 12 new audio works for radio in drama, poetry and prose. The second was a Dylan Thomas 100 festival commission, “Lleisiau”, a “good cop bad cop” production in collaboration with Chapter, Cardiff. “Lleisiau” involved the presentation of over 50 distinctive, contemporary, Welsh voices to a live and internet audience. Current work includes planning stages of a Wales Millennium Centre commission, starting in 2020 and culminating in a large scale site-specific work for the 2023 Eisteddfod Genedlaethol

Co-founder & Co-director

2016 – 2017 A.S. Performance collective with John Rowley, Rosa Casado, Ffion Jones

2015 – Present Pitch/Illustration/Radio – with Amelia Johnstone, Osian Grifford, James Cocks, Simeon Davies. Weekly arts programme on Radio Cardiff

2011 – 2015 Pitch – with John Rowley. Weekly arts programme on Radio Cardiff

1996 – Present good cop bad cop (gcbc) – with John Rowley. Interdisciplinary performance company

1993 – 1995 Das Wunden – with John Rowley & Robert Merdzo. Interdisciplinary performance company

Solo completed 2012 – 20

2016 co-presenter LaPublika Radio Symposium, San Sebastian, for Consonni

2016 Reiat – Site specific performance for James Cauty’s ADP exhibition at Cardiff Metropolitan University

2014 Sonic art commission – For “On Record” project, Cardiff Contemporary commission

2014 Sonic art commission – 1 hour archive mix for Peter Finnemore/ Craig Wood’s Public Information Night (My Breath is Shed) Dylan Thomas 100 commission

2014 Y Clwyfo – Week long performance in Y Lle Celf, Eisteddfod Genedlaethol, Llanelli

2014 Readings – performed writing for “Off the Page”, Chapter, Cardiff

2013 How the Light Gets in – installation in group show at Bay Art, Cardiff

2013 Nepotism – Solo installation commission Made in Roath festival, Cardiff

2013 Cystal – Solo residency at ATTIC gallery, Cardiff, as part of Rapid Cycling, funded by the Medical Research Council and ACW

2013 coming soon… Carbootique, Chapter Cardiff – Performance and Installation

2012 sj ohm – Made In Roath festival, Cardiff – Live soundwork

2012 Goslef 2 – tactileBosch, Cardiff 2012 Performance

2012 Present whereabouts unknown – The Witching Hour, Goat Major Projects Cardiff- soundwork

2012 Croeso i Gymry/u Fwyaf! – Brewhouse Gallery, Taunton. Performance and Installation 2012

2012 H’m 2 – Spillers record shop Cardiff – Live soundwork

2012 H’m – Carbootique, Chapter Cardiff – Live soundwork

gcbc completed 2012 – 20

2019 Diwedd Amgen / Alternative Ending. National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

2019 TWOCTAAT. MOMA, Machynlleth

2018 Phantom Rides Again! Arts Council Wales funded production in collaboration with Wales Millennium Centre and Chapter

2017 I or U / Interregnum – Arts Council Wales funded R&D in collaboration with Wales Millennium Centre and Chapter

2017 The Cherry Blossom Quartet – World premiere of Bill Drummond’s four plays, day long performance at Carbootique, Chapter Cardiff

2017 The Nether – Co-designer, SoundWork and actor in gcbc collaboration with Company of Sirens at Chapter, Cardiff

2016 Reconstruction – Site Responsive Performance Commission for CardiffMADE, houseMADE project, Cardiff

2015 Monumental day long performance at Carbootique, Chapter Cardiff

2015 Passage – Red Route for Made In Roath, Pontygwaith

2015 Artists residence programme UNIT(e), G39 gallery, Cardiff

2014 Occupation – Site Responsive Performance commission Experimentica14, Chapter, Cardiff

2014 Occupation – Site Responsive Performance commission Cardiff Contemporary, Cardiff

2014 Llesiau / Voices – Dylan Thomas 100 Welsh Government direct funded gcbc commission in collaboration with Chapter

2014 Pitch3 – Commissioning, recording and post production of 12 new writings for inclusion in Pitch on Radio Cardiff. ACW funded

2014 Downcycling – day long performance at Carbootique, Chapter Cardiff

2013 Wylaf Wers, Tawaf Wedi – performance commission for Experimentica13, Chapter, Cardiff

2012 – 3 Beating the Path – ACW funded Theatre Project Development – gcbc in collaboration with Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

2013 The Cardiff Giant – Dom, Hamburg – 37 Performances at a funfair

2012 Statues to Failure 3 – Coal Exchange, Cardiff Contemporary, – Performance

2012 In Conversation / Mewn Sgwrs – Experimentica12, Chapter Cardiff – Performance

2012 Statues to Failure 2 – St David’s Hall / Cardiff Contemporary – Performance

2012 Y Dyn Hir (edit) Cardiff Contemporary/Made in Roath/ArcadeCardiff 2012 – Film

2012 You / Fi – YU Gallery, Glamorgan University – Performance

2012 Y Dyn Hir (edit) – As part of ‘Tweet me up’, Tate Tanks, Tate Modern London 2012 – Film

2012 Y Dyn Hir – Eisteddfod Genedlaethol special exhibition, Llandow 2012- FIlm

2012 Statues to Failure – Festival of Failure, Chapter Cardiff 2012 – Performance

2012 WalesLab – National Theatre Wales funded research project with Kaite O’Reilly


2016 H*w Gr**n W*s M* V*ll** Experimentica16, Chapter Cardiff

Pearson/Brookes for National Theatre Wales

2015 “Iliad” – Constructor, Llanelli

2012 “Coriolan/us” – Embedded Cameraman, St Athan

2010 “The Persians” – Chorus – SENTA, Sennybridge

Good News For The Future

2016 What comes next? Chapter Cardiff

2015 What comes next? Chapter Cardiff

Pearson et al

2016 Adam on St Agnes Eve – collaboration with Prof Mike Pearson et al and National Museum Wales integrating models in live performances

Selected previous work

good cop bad cop

Sialc – Made In Roath festival, Cardiff 2011 – “Croeso I Gymru/y Fwyaf!’ Cardiff, Venice 2010-1, “Pitch” – Cardiff 2010, “Mas o Le” – Berlin 2010, “Mas o Amser” – Potsdam 2010, “Canolfan Busnes Cynddylan” – Cardiff 2009, “Mas o Amser – remics” Gijon, British Council Showcase, Asturias 2009, “Brody’s Notes” – Cardiff 2008, “Hanner Call” – Eisteddfod Genedlaethol, Caerdydd 2008,“Phantom Ride” – Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Bristol 2008, 2009, 2011, “In a late change to the advertised programme” – Cardiff 2007, “Mas O Amser” – Cardiff 2007, “Restricted Access” – Cardiff 2006, “Left Footers” – Strata Florida & Kells, Ireland 2006, “ST*R W*RS” – Cardiff 2006, “Untitled (plus Support)” – Cardiff 2005. “Ten Things I hate about Theatre” – CPR Conference, Aberystwyth, 2005. “Ten things I hate about Wales” – Cardiff 2004. “18:40 20:40 – 10th anniversary remix” – Cardiff 2003, “Gosteg” – Cardiff 2003, “Bye Law” – Cardiff 2002, “Present Whereabouts Unknown” – Cardiff 2002, “Drinking Bacon Fat” – Cardiff 2002, “Table” – Cardiff 2002, “Subrural Incursions” – Cardiff 2001, “Sound Effects of Death & Disaster” – Cardiff 2001, Montreal 2002, Frankfurt 2003. Homeoarcheology – Cardiff 2001, “Homeopathic Pornography” – Cardiff 2000, 2001, 2010, “Loop” Bristol 1998, “Closing Down Sale” – Cardiff 1996, “The White Room” – Cardiff 1996

Pearson/Brookes et al

Saints” – Cardiff 2005, “Rain Dogs” – Cardiff 2002, “Polis” – Cardiff 2001, “Carrying Lyn” – Cardiff 2001, “Like a Pelican in the Wilderness” – Aberystwyth 2000, “Lifting” – Cardiff 1999, “Works in Progress: 3 – Workers Playtime”-Cardiff 1999, Manheim (Germany) 2000,

Collaboration with Matt Cook

Goslef” – Eisteddfod Genedlaethol, Casnewydd, 2004. Audio field recording and production project selected for presentation at the Visual Arts pavilion.

Brith Gof

Tuag at Hafod”/”Hafod” – Cardiff 1997, “Sawl Bywyd” – Llandeilo 1996, “Prydain” – Cardiff, Glasgow 1996, “Work In Progress”(Collaboration with La Fura Dels Baus) – Barcelona 1995, “Tri Bywyd” – Nr. Lampeter 1995, “Stondin” – Abergele 1995, “Arturius Rex” – Cardiff 1994, “Camlann” – Cardiff, Recklinghausen (Germany) 1993-1994, “D.O.A.” – British tour 1993-1994, “Haearn” – Tredegar 1992, “Der Gefesselte” – Cardiff 1992, “Ar y Traeth” – Aberystwyth 1992, “Los Angeles” – UK & European tours, & Buenos Aires 1992-3, “Gwynt, Glaw, Glo a Defaid” – Cardiff 1991, “PAX” – Cardiff, Glasgow, Aberystwyth 1990-1

Marc Rees

En Residencia” – Gijon, Spain 2009, “Fist” – Cardiff 1997, “Pen Dinas” – Aberystwyth 1992

Das Wunden

“The Final Countdown” – Munich 1995, “Caucus 2 – The Photografters” – Cardiff 1994, “Caucus”, Cardiff 1994, “18:40 20:40” – Cardiff, 1993

Music / Sound work


2014 Lleisiau (Recordiau GCBC: Subinc03) – 500 7” vinyl records.

2010 Rhan Un (Recordiau GCBC: Subinc02) – 500 10” vinyl records. Manipulated field recordings from the ‘Pharmakon’ project. Production funding from ACW

2004 Gwrthrychol (Recordiau GCBC: SubInc01) – 500 10” vinyl records, An EU commission to mark the enlargement process. Field recordings from cafes and markets of south Wales’s coalfield communities. First 100 individually hand made packages

2000 Continuous Sound Labordy Swn Cont (Recordiau Fitamin Un: Fit!11) – 1000 12” vinyl EP

Selected Performed Composition

Venue Title

Chapter ‘Labordy Swn Lite” Cardiff, 2002

Chapter “Labordy Swn Cont…” Cardiff, 2000/1/2, TJ’s Newport 2001

Schauspielhaus “New Sounds of Bochum” Bochum (Germany) 1999 (with G. Bassarabescu)

Club Zadek “not a question of balance” Bochum (Germany) 1999

Schauspielhaus “Riet yn Bochum” Bochum (Germany) 1999

Zolheim Museum “Blüt und Haearn” Bochum (Germany) 1999 (with Benjamin Lang)

Selected Commissioned Compositions

Company/ Artist Production

good cop bad cop/Company of Sirens “The Nether” Cardiff 2016

good cop bad cop “phantom ride” Cardiff 2008

good cop bad cop “in a change to …” Cardiff 2007

good cop bad cop “mas o amser” Cardiff 2007

good cop bad cop “restricted access” Cardiff 2006

good cop bad cop “18:40 20:40 remix” Cardiff 2003 (in collaboration with Matt Cook)

Florian Feigl “Bizarro Jesus” Cardiff 2002

good cop bad cop “S.E.D.D” Cardiff 2001, Montreal 2002, Frankfurt 2003

Sherman Theatre “Falling & Flying” Cardiff 2001

Steve Fisher “Lost & Found” Cardiff 2000

Pearson/Brookes “Works in Progress” Cardiff 1999, Manheim 2000

Carlson Dance Company “F.R.A.N.K.” Cardiff & Touring 1999

good cop bad cop “Loop” Bristol  1998

Brith Gof “Tuag at Hafod”/”Hafod” Cardiff 1997

Selected Video Work

2012 “Y Dyn Hir” – good cop bad cop Video shown as part of the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol special

exhibition, Y Lle Celf. Edited version shown at Tate Tanks 2012, Made in Roath 2012

2008 “Hanner Call” – good cop bad cop promotional film, also distributed free at “Y Lle Celf”, Eisteddfod Genedlaethol, Caerdydd as part of gcbc’s week-long performance

2008 “Phantom Ride” – Manipulated video for inclusion in live performance

2005 TRAWS” – Visual essay for Cyfrwng Conference, University of Glamorgan

2002 “Blackbird” – Short film by good cop bad cop, Picsel+ commission from G39 for Cardiff Festival Performer/ Editor

2002 Murder 1” – Short film by Paul & Paula, Picsel+ commission from G39 for Cardiff Festival – Editor

2002 “Y Meistri” – Tystion music Video for Boomerang Ltd (S4C). Director

2002 “Terminal” – Promotional video for Carlson Dance Company. Director/ Editor

2001 “Missing you already” – gcbc film selected for ‘Experimentica’ festival, Chapter, Cardiff. Editor.

2001 “Falling & Flying” – Video backdrop for performance at Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. Camera/Editor

2001 “So Far Suite” – Promotional video for Carlson Dance Company. Camera/Editor

2001 “Mantol” – With Pearson/Rowley/Jeff/Levett. Winner of Chapter Arts Centre 1 minute film competition Performer/Editor

2000 “Archaeological Dances” – CPR Summer School performance video with Rowley/Pearson. Editor 1999 “Fridgeraider” – Tystion music video shown on Ankstmusik 10th anniversary special S4C. Director/Editor

Internet Performance

Livestock 2000 – Labordy swn, Chapter Arts Centre 2000

12 : 12 – Good Cop Bad Cop – “Table”, UWIC Cardiff 2002


2012 – 2017 Visiting lecturer in Technology in Performance (English & Cymraeg), University of South Wales (Formerly Glamorgan)

2006 – 7 Welsh Language Research Fellow in Bi-lingual Graphic Design, Swansea Metropolitan University (English & Cymraeg)

2004 – 5 Tutor in Time Based practice, University of Wales Institute Cardiff

2002 – 4 Research Fellow in Time Based practice, University of Wales Institute Cardiff

Founder member of TRAWS – The Inter-University Research Group for Performance in Wales – 2004–2006

TRAWS Presentations at Cyfrwng Conference 2005, University of Glamorgan, CPR Conference 2005, Aberystwyth 2005, CPR reunion Cardiff 2005.

Contributor to group composed article in Cyfrwng Volume 2 2005,

Contributor to PARIP conference, Bristol, September 2003 (

Workshops and lectures for Brith Gof, Das Wunden & good cop bad cop, including Welsh College of Music & Drama, Centre for Performance Research, Arnolfini (Bristol), and Durham, Glasgow, Southampton, Warwick, Dartington, Swansea & Aberystwyth Universities and Swansea Institute. University of Glamorgan.


2014 good cop bad cop conversation & cover published in CCQ magazine issue 4 Autumn 2014

2014 good cop bad cop conversation in International Performance Festival Cardiff book

2012 good cop bad cop conversation published in blown magazine Autumn 2012

2004 good cop bad cop visual essay published in Platfform Dau. Wales Arts International 2004

ISBN 0-9545130 –4-5

Awards and Bursaries

2020 Arts Council Wales Organisation Stabilisation Funding (gcbc)

2019 British Council Wales Arts Mobility Fund – Research trip to Ha Noi, Vietnam in relation to Wales Millennium Centre Commission. Masterclass presented at Vietnam Dance Academy.

2016 WAI International Opportunities Funding (individual on behalf of A.S. Collective), residency at La Casa Del Burro, Peroblasco, Spain

2015 WAI Venice Travel Bursary (individual)

2014 ACW/PAL Labs Navigating Change Bursary, Cove Park, Scotland (individual)

2013-4 ACW Major Production award (individual)

2013-4 Welsh Government Dylan Thomas 100 Festival Commission (gcbc Co-production with Chapter)

2013 WAI Venice Travel Bursary (individual)

2012-3 ACW Theatre Development Award (gcbc Co-production with Chapter)

2011 WAI Venice Travel Bursary (individual)

2010 Stiwdio Safle / Chapter award (gcbc)

2010 ACW Production award (individual)

2007 Selected for British Council Showcase, Gijon, Spain (gcbc)

2007 Selected for British Council Showcase, Edinburgh (gcbc)

2006 ACW Creative Wales award for Pharmakon sonic mapping of Wales (individual)

2004 EU Enlargement fund award (individual)

2003 Selected for British Council Showcase, Edinburgh (gcbc)

1999 Awarded full bursary to study at the International Theatre Academy of the Rhur, studying sound com position with Hans Peter Khun and Thierry De Mey. Travel grant by Wales Arts International

Other Details

Developing Dylan / Dylanwad – Interdisciplinary workshop leader 2014 for Literature Wales

good cop bad cop – Chapter associate artists 2012 – present

Member of Arts Council of Wales Drama Panel – 2000 to 2002

ACW National Advisor 2002 to 2012 – Specialising in interdisciplinary experimental practice

ACW South Wales Regional Committee member 2004 – 2011

Member of Welsh National Committee, British Actors’ Equity 1998 – 2003

Roleplayer for Roleplay UK – 1998 to date, corporate roleplay, forum theatre and realplay in English &


School governor – Risca Primary school 2012 – 2016

Parent Representative on Education Scrutiny Committee, Caerffili County Council

Board member for Made in Roath festival 2014 – present

Siaradwr Cymraeg

Full drivers licence

In addition to performing with Brith Gof he provided press, publicity and marketing services from 1992 to 1997. In 1995 he was employed by Brith Gof as author and designer of the company history ‘Y Llyfr Glas’, coordinated the company’s presence at the Eisteddfod 1995, project managed Mike Pearson’s solo show ‘From Memory’ and produced the Internet site for ‘Tri Bywyd’ through University College Lampeter.

Member of Welsh International Snow-sculpture team, Breckenridge, Colorado 1997