These photos were taken by students of South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education during work in progress at the Arnolfini, Bristol, in 1998, prior to the performance in Jury’s Hotel. Photo credits given where names were written on the photos.



Adam Lewick(?)


andrew sinkinson
©andrew sinkinson
catherine purves
©catherine purves
Chris Thomas
©Chris Thomas
jenna barry
©jenna barry
juliana Gregor
©juliana Gregor
loop (credit Graham Brown 1998)
©Graham Brown
lynne loakley (?)
©lynne loakley (?)
Mark Gostick
©Mark Gostick
no name 1
no name 2
no name 3
ross stalkwood
©ross stalkwood
stephen harrison
©stephen harrison
Steve Baker
©Steve Baker
graham brown 2
©graham brown
hamish gane 1
©hamish gane
linnea larson
©linnea larson