welcome to an experiment – a two month website

llun ©Heike Roms

this experiment is taking place on the web in real-time, as part of “I or U” (see box), co-authored by the three participants, John Rowley, Richard Huw Morgan and Wendy Houstoun. It is being constructed on WordPress, something neither John nor Richard has used before, don’t know about Wendy. Richard once built a time-limited web-site for Brith Gof, for their project “Tri Bywyd” back in 1995 – which was before the internet archive arrived, so it has long since disappeared . Richard still has some of the pages, they might appear on this site for a while.

Why the long absence from the Internet? Well, to be honest we far prefer making things to talking about them or promoting them. The problem with websites is that they take far too long to keep updated, and people notice if they don’t get updated. Unless you can afford dedicated time or, even better, dedicated staff to keep the site updated it ages rapidly.

But, and its a big but, the likelihood is that if you are reading this you, like me, spend plenty of – if not too much – time adding to other peoples’ websites by using social media. It’s been brought to my attention on several occasions that rather than spending my time reacting, commenting on or adding to social media my time would be far more constructively spent telling my / our own story / history. As the new gcbc project “I or U” is all about the construction of history in the here and now it seemed time to take the advice on board and make a start on the task.

So, why a time limited website, isn’t it being rather perverse? Perhaps, but we want this to be freely experimental, a sketch, just as the time limited “I or U” Research and Development project is the construction of a sketch for possible further R & D and future production. Like “I or U” there is no guarantee that the sketch will be further realised. We will endeavour to interest partners, funders, venues, promoters etc in helping us to further our ambitions. If we are successful this webite might return as part of that future vision. For now the plug will be pulled on 30th November.