IMG_1327On entering the room we witness the exorbitant energy of the (en)actors (en)acting their freeze framed  mission to mine the present and quarry the past. A body based articulation of misremembered moments and deranged dance steps. A catastrophic catalogue of invention turned disappearance act. A wayward waltz of aspirational immortality.

As the (en)actors reconstruct a medieval walk they step knowingly towards their own dark age- fragmenting as they go. That they occupy the Japan Room in the Millenium Centre is another collision of intention. A disconcerting carpet confuses the pathways towards the future and sets the action on a journey poignantly destined to recollect its own originality as their (en)activities are magnified through a million other works in a million other cities.

We are requested to wait – to not seat ourselves- to remain attentive- to stay back- to Watch and Learn and in delaying our instinctive desires for comfort our participation with both Good and Bad Cops is both alert and yet uncomfortable : postponing our perceptual pleasure until another day.

4pm- Millenium Centre-Japan Room- Good Cop Bad Cop – Archive Post 1.

Posted by:wmh1

this a place for trying out writing. jobs include: dancer, talker, sandwich maker, london zoo, cleaner, fruit picker, performer

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