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korper kunstler rhm

We’ve stumbled upon a very strange fideo, one that was made for, but i don’t think was used in, the gcbc performance 18:40 20:40 10th Anniversary Remics. It is a rather clumsy edit of, an original edit of colour film and black and white surveillance film from the original 1993 performance, together with other original black and white surveillance film that didn’t the original edit. It also has material from a German TV interview with Das Wunden from 1995, which included some of the original edit… following this? (Das Wunden being Rowley and Morgan with Slovenian musician Robert Merdzo who made the original 18:40 20:40 performance)

It was one of those bits of fideo that was more to provide visual stimulation than to be watched, a distraction / addition to the live performance. Anyway, I can’t remember if it was used in the performance, and John certainly can’t. Although, as an ancient (in computer terms) QuarkXpress document i converted yesterday proves, he was around for conceiving the idea he was off performing with Forced Entertainment at the time.

What the fideo does show is that there is more video to be found – the complete original edit, the rushes of that and the complete german tv fideo…

I am trying to convert this film as we speak…computer technology is letting me down…

One last thing for now, the cameraman for the colour footage and editor of the original edit was John’s friend Steven Eastwood, director of Island, recently shown at the Curzon, as part of the London Film Festival. More on why this interests us later…

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