After a very interesting and inspiring conversation with Sarah Leigh, Senior producer down here at Wales Millenium Centre, about possible future options for development and presentation of the outcomes of this initial period of R&D, which the WMC have generously supported through use of space and facilities, we are excited about starting the second week with a clearer vision of the potential of the work/s.

Off for lunch, then to pick daughter up from school, so for now i’ll leave you with two bits of graphics from the past. The first is the door pull that hung outside our 1st Floor office on Llandaf Road, and which connected to a miniature metal wellington boot that had been previously worn round the neck in a performance on the Maes in Aberystwyth in 1992 with Marc Rees.

bell pull

The second is a sheet of mini promotional flyers, printed onto acetate, for a performance that was commission by, but never performed at, the Site Gallery in Sheffield…more about that next week…

people who live

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