Good Cop Bad Cop are back in the studio. The chairs have been set out, as in a business meeting, and there is an air of duress in the room. The sweaty concentration of urgency as they put the discipline of their past adventures under pressure.

It is a day of questioning. A day of interrogation. A day of looking in the mirror and not accepting the first answer.

Who are Good Cop Bad Cop? What do they know about themselves? What do they know about their work ?  Talking of which, where is their past work? Has anyone seen it? Has it just got lost or has someone stolen it ?  And is it too late to get it back?
While we’re at it –

Where do actors go to when they are not acting ? What do they do when there is nothing to perform? And why are they working in a carpeted space with chairs set out? Would their earlier incarnations have approved? What are their earlier incarnations going to do about it anyway? Just cause trouble by complaining? Is Good Cop just waiting for Bad Cop to come along and read the riot act?

A hint of the Variety double act  clings to both Cops -good and bad. The aura and echoes of  digitally unseen characters loom large and an almost sacrilegious question occurs in the etheric wings : Is it possible a scratchy bit of footage and the anecdotes of friends might create a more enduring impression of the performer and their work than a billion bytes of footage?

Just a question.

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this a place for trying out writing. jobs include: dancer, talker, sandwich maker, london zoo, cleaner, fruit picker, performer

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