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A nice phrase from Iain SInclair in his Last London book about the death of London as it struggles under the big money take over ….the new London for winners.

” The naked vitality of the traffic -snarled street, with its choking fumes, its shivering junk-wrecks bonelessly folded in fastfood doorways against the nudge and knock of hustling pedestrians , is a relief from imposed-from-above schemes and crass municipal art. Only serving to remind us of what is missing, the art of risk, spat in the teeth of disapproval”

in the end perhaps the cops want to say


without losing their presence in the world.

Perhaps they just want to spit in the teeth of disapproval.

Posted by:wmh1

this a place for trying out writing. jobs include: dancer, talker, sandwich maker, london zoo, cleaner, fruit picker, performer

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