In 1994 Das Wunden made their second performance, Caucus, three different performances over three nights. Slovenian musician Robert Merdzo had a planned score. Rowley and Morgan might have had a clue what they were doing, but had not asked each other. Guests included Mike Pearson, Lisa Palfrey, Klanger & Boink and a team of hair and make-up experts from Vidal Sassoon, Cardiff. We had no idea what they might do. The video that exists is from the second night (i think). These images, from a contact sheet shot by Klanger and Boink, are from the first night.

I don’t believe there is any visual documentary of the final night. All we remember is that we asked Merdzo to play the soundtrack at double speed and engaging the audience to help us with the get-out so that we could all be in the bar by the time the performance was scheduled to end…

merdzo caucus
llun ©Klanger&Boink1994 – Robert Merdzo
mike and lisa caucus
llun ©Klanger&Boink1994 -Mike Pearson & Lisa Palfrey
richard and lisa caucus
llun ©Klanger&Boink1994 -Lisa Palfrey & Richard Huw Morgan
lisa p caucus
llun ©Klanger&Boink1994 -Lisa Palfrey
john caucus
llun ©Klanger&Boink1994 -John Rowley
the crucifix hole
llun ©Klanger&Boink1994 -the hole made by cracking walnuts with the crucifix that cost us our entire fee…
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