Good Cop Bad Cop.Site Gallery. Sheffield. Performance/ Installation

November 14th. 2002.


“ A simple, violent explosion of intense energy.

A simple exclamation of rage, or the removal of invisible boundaries.”

These are the only notes we have to guide us through this complex and provocative performance/installation.

So what to say about this work?

Good Cop Bad Cop meet us at the borders of our tolerance and refuse to open the door. That this brief performative installation can arouse boredom, irritation, fear, release, surprise, and fear again with such intensity is testament to the duos technical command of both form and content.

The spectator is forced to re-invent the spectacle as the performers court and refuse responsiveness in quick succession. We are led to ask :Why did we pay for this? Why should I stay here? Who do those performers think they are?  Why are they making me laugh? Actually, am I really laughing?

This constant quizzing of our own intentions is, in some oblique way, initiated by the rhythmic disruption evident in the structures.
A slow move of one hand to a potato, a shift of a foot away from the broken glass, a clutch of the back to intimate physical sensation.

Are we witness or coercive presence?

Are we complicit in the violence?

Is the feminine presence ,who briefly appears post destruction to take a bow, a balm to our anxiety or a gendered manipulation forcing us to admit to the co-existence of  beauty and violence in our actions and imaginations?

That the boundaries have dissolved over the course of this vaudevillian annihilation serves to subvert our visual restraint. As the images fracture in front of our eyes we are compelled to consider our own desires for freedom and a secret lingering resistance to shatter our own illusions.

Good Cop Bad Cop have built a practise indistinct from life and in this extraordinary work they ask the question How to Live ? but determinedly refuse to answer it , leaving us all to collude in the eventual answer.




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