2015-02-23 12.39.11good cop bad cop -working like dogs- good dogs and bad dogs- urgency a go go – piling on the pressure- stepping up to the plate- pushing the envelope-breaking yet another boundary – ditching all the dirt- pissing in the wind- dropping the dead donkey- hitting while the iron is hot- putting some of their eggs in one basket -rolling on the floor- moving up the ladder- putting on the ritz- artists – counsellors- therapists- patients-rebels-lost souls- mixing it up- writing it down- rubbing it out- and starting all over again- bumping into friends- talking to the ether- resting voices on carafes of water- standing chairs on end- placing thoughts on hold- keeping it all on tenterhooks- working til they drop- working when they stop- stopping working in the old manner and working in a new manner which will then get written up in the old manner ignoring completely they have opened up the space for a new future only to see it closed down again with the same old formats- the tired old fonts- and so -there they go – folding it up for the night and taking it home- and there they go – on the hoof- on the trot- on hold- holding it all on hold – stringing it out- stringing ’em along- stringing ’em up – cutting them down and starting all over again-packaging and re packaging- unpacking and re packing- tying knots that are quite tricky to undo again- working up a storm- heading into fog- getting ready for the off……good cop bad cop- good dog bad dog- are dog tired-  out for the count- off with the fairies- gone to ground- done in – dressed down- putting the final touches to throw up thursday- and getting a bit of shut eye- dreaming in the dark-

before it starts all over again-

on far fetched friday….



Posted by:wmh1

this a place for trying out writing. jobs include: dancer, talker, sandwich maker, london zoo, cleaner, fruit picker, performer

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