2015-02-23 14.34.27

It has been a few days since my last post and who knows what has been happening for the cops and their ” writer ” since.

Its a secret. Its private. Its a mystery.
It’s none of our business.

My mind is in memory mode. It remembers when the lottery required that the Process be DE-Mystified.

Yay. Let’s see the actors in the wings during the show ( The Curve, Leicester ) , bring on the post-show talk, lets blog and log so we talk about what we are doing AS we are doing it , lets make a trailer so people will know what we are going to do before they see it , lets get a camera in the rehearsal room and link it to an office upstairs to “ALLOW” the people in the office to “UNDERSTAND ” what those Artist folk are doing all day, let’s ask for the unknown process but make sure the Copy is in print it starts,  let’s beckon the unknown in a knowing kind of a way , once we start a blog make sure it happens every day to PROVE action is taking place.

How does digital do pauses and gaps?




Like this?




It’s a complete mystery.


Posted by:wmh1

this a place for trying out writing. jobs include: dancer, talker, sandwich maker, london zoo, cleaner, fruit picker, performer

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