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pre-gcbc, Das Wunden – Caucus

In 1994 Das Wunden made their second performance, Caucus, three different performances over three nights. Slovenian musician Robert Merdzo had a planned score. Rowley and Morgan might have had a clue what they were doing, but had not asked each other. Guests included Mike Pearson, Lisa Palfrey, Klanger & Boink and a team of hair…

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got to be in it to win it….

  A nice phrase from Iain SInclair in his Last London book about the death of London as it struggles under the big money take over ….the new London for winners. ” The naked vitality of the traffic -snarled street, with its choking fumes, its shivering junk-wrecks bonelessly folded in fastfood doorways against the nudge…

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cops do monkey puppets!

this morning, as part of our ongoing research and development we attended a puppetry workshop (nothing to do with car maintenance) in the WMC. The workshop was run by Gyre and Gimble (if memory serves me right) people responsible for that Warhorse project. It was an interesting 2 hours and we might have learnt something…

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