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pre-gcbc, Das Wunden – Caucus

In 1994 Das Wunden made their second performance, Caucus, three different performances over three nights. Slovenian musician Robert Merdzo had a planned score. Rowley and Morgan might have had a clue what they were doing, but had not asked each other. Guests included Mike Pearson, Lisa Palfrey, Klanger & Boink and a team of hair…

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got to be in it to win it….

  A nice phrase from Iain SInclair in his Last London book about the death of London as it struggles under the big money take over ….the new London for winners. ” The naked vitality of the traffic -snarled street, with its choking fumes, its shivering junk-wrecks bonelessly folded in fastfood doorways against the nudge…

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